Forestry is an essential component of First Nations’ economic development. More than a resource, the forest is a part of First Nations’ cultural heritage. They are since time immemorial, and intend to remain, closely associated with the conservation and development of forest ecosystems. The future of forests in Quebec cannot be defined without their close collaboration and major implication. To achieve these, First Nations must be able to rely on tools, knowledge and processes that allow them to significantly participate in the development of the forest, while respecting their values and rights. The FNQLSDI proactively facilitates this by promoting dialogue between the sector’s rights- and shareholders, and by helping to develop First Nation forestry expertise.

Some of our achievements include:

  • Providing strategic watch, analysis and knowledge sharing services for First Nation forest managers and elected officials on forestry issues
  • Writing and sharing position papers on forestry issues with First Nation forest experts, within the framework of various consultations, such as the Politique sur les forêts de proximité, the Stratégie d’aménagement durable des forêts, the Règlement sur l’aménagement durable des forêts, etc.
  • Implementing and coordinating Issue Tables that bring together First Nation forest experts and government representatives, for example the Table forêt Québec-Premières Nations and the Comité technique restreint sur la consultation et l’accommodement
  • Providing recommendations for all jurisdictions that foster the integration of First Nation rights and interests in forest-related processes
  • Organizing training sessions and developing tools for environmental certifications (ISO 14 0001 and FSC)