Comprehensive Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is a holistic process that allows a community to identify a roadmap to sustainability, self-reliance and improved governance. The plan is based on the members’ vision for their present and future. It is rooted in the community’s identity and aims to guide its development, by respecting its culture and traditions.

Throughout Canada, over a hundred communities have already used CCP to guide their development, ensuring that their members’ vision leads to concrete actions. In our region, eight First Nations are involved in the process. While some are currently developing their plan, others have already reached the implementation stage, turning their members’ ideas into projects and actions.

As part of a 3-year Comprehensive Community Planning pilot project  (lien vers page Projet-pilote) which began in 2016, the FNQLSDI has provided and continues to provide support to four First Nations in their CCP process. In 2019, there are now eight First Nations communities supported by the FNQLSDI.

While the FNQLSDI provides technical support and training to local coordinators, it also facilitates networking and mentoring by organizing meetings with coordinators and supporting First Nation participation in national and regional CCP workshops. The FNQLSDI also contributes to the development and promotion of CCP at the national level, by taking part in the Canadian CCP network’s activities.

Would you like to know more about CCP? The FNQLSDI’s team is available to answer your questions, make an introductory presentation or support you in your efforts. Contact us.


Partner First Nations

Eight First Nation communities are currently being supported by the FNQLSDI in their CCP process.


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