2nd Regional Workshop on First Nations Comprehensive Community Planning – June 4 to 6, 2019

The second edition of the First Nations Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Workshop for the Quebec Region was held from June 4 to 6 at the Manoir du Lac Delage, near Wendake, the host community of the event.

The Workshop was attended by more than 60 delegates representing 26 First Nations communities. It brought together women and men, Elders and youth, Chiefs and Council members, CCP experts and people who are still new to the concept. As relationships are at the heart of CCP, the event also brought together various Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, as well as delegates from other committees of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador and a Tribal Council, to share ideas on how their organizations could support community development planning and implementation initiatives. Together, the participants explored this type of planning, which is still relatively new in the region, but is already being successfully used by more than 100 First Nations across the country.

The theme of this second edition of the CCP workshop was “Change”. It is therefore the inspiring CCP work carried out by the First Nations in Quebec and in other regions of Turtle Island that was highlighted, through the sharing of stories of change resulting from community-lead planning. Conferences, interactive workshops and networking activities provided opportunities for participants to share ideas, experiences and best practices, and build relationships that will support them in their own CCP efforts. The participants, who were encouraged to reflect on the changes they would like to see in their communities, identified several opportunities for individual and collective action.

The event was organized by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI), and funded by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). Several ISC representatives attended the three-day workshop to hear what First Nations delegates had to share about their vision of community development and to participate in constructive discussions that explored how to support the efforts of communities interested in doing CCP.

The entire FNQLSDI team warmly thanks all those who contributed to the success of this event.

Documents available:

Presentations and Conferences from June 4, 2019

Presentations and Conferences from June 5, 2019

Presentations and Conferences from June 6, 2019