7th edition of the First Nations Waste Management Symposium 

The seventh edition of the First Nations in Quebec Waste Management Symposium took place from May 30 to June 1, 2023 on the Ndakina in Nicolet under the theme of sharing.

Organized in collaboration with the communities of Odanak and Wôlinak, the event brought together 67 people, including 48 players from 22 First Nations communities and 2 regional groups, in addition to welcoming guest contributors. 

The event was intended to be a major annual gathering of the First Nations WM community of practice, enabling participants to forge links with their peers. That’s why, this year, the focus was on sharing. Whether it was the First Nations players highlighting their accomplishments, or the many workshops enabling WM operators and managers to co-create solutions, mutual aid and a sense of community were at the heart of these three days.

Topics covered included composting, ecocenters, community mobilization, financing, environmental contaminants, awareness-raising and communication. There was certainly a little something for everyone.

In addition, two kiosks were set up to further involve the players present in the community of practice and in the development of version 2 of the interactive map (see bottom of page for more information).

The FNQLSDI’s WM team hopes that this gathering will have helped build bridges and equip First Nations WM stakeholders, towards the common goal of protecting the territory through sound management of residual materials.

Available Documentation:

May 30, 2023 – Presentations

May 31, 2023 – Presentations

June 1, 2023 – Presentations


Interactive Map

An updated digital version of the map is currently under development.  Did you run out of time to tell us about a new WM project in your community?
Simply send us a message including your new achievements: Matieresresiduelles@iddpnql.ca

WM Community of Practice

Questions about the WM Community of Practice? Contact us for more information, to register or for a reminder of how the platform works by clicking on the following link: Make an appointment – Marcel Rodriguez 

Wli Wni, Thank you for contributing to the success of this event!

Audrey, Francis, Laura, Marie-Philippe, Béatrice, Maud, Catherine B., Catherine T. and Marcel