Centre of Expertise on Impact and Benefits Agreements

A large number of projects are being carried out in First Nations territories, particularly in the mining, forestry and energy sectors. These resource development projects could provide new opportunities for social and economic development for First Nations communities. However, it is essential that First Nations communities have the capacity to negotiate and implement agreements to ensure that the exploitation (or extraction) of resources generates substantial benefits for their communities and that negative impacts, which may be associated with large-scale resource development, are avoided or mitigated.

The Centre of Expertise on Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs) was created with the objective of supporting First Nations at the various stages of the complex process of negotiating an IBA while enabling them to avoid the financial burden associated with such negotiations. Through the promotion of collaboration among communities, including sharing resource people and experiences, we have created a centralized Centre of Expertise to which First Nations can turn for support.


Some of our achievements include:

  • The achievement of various specific mandates for communities, including but not limited to:
    • General training and workshops on best IBA negotiating practices;
    • Negotiation of Memorandums of Understanding (“MOUs”) and funding agreements for the negotiation of IBAs;
    • Revisions to IBAs;
    • Drafting of proposed provisions or chapters of IBAs;
    • Creation of an IBA implementation committee and assistance to a community in establishing specific projects related to their IBA.
  • An analysis of the overall benefits and costs of more than a dozen different tools (software or applications) for managing negotiation and consultation activities.

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