Strategic and Territorial Planning

Strategic planning is an essential tool that allows First Nations to anticipate and seize the development opportunities available to them, while respecting their rights and values. By establishing the bases on which First Nations wish to build, strategic planning helps structure territorial management to ensure that it reflects a community’s economic, social, cultural and territorial vision of development. Having created tools and guides to facilitate community and territorial planning by First Nations, the FNQLSDI strengthens the support it offers to communities by offering personalized strategic planning services. With constant emphasis on knowledge transfer and capacity building, the FNQLSDL provides step-by-step support to First Nation communities who wish to establish a strong development strategy, adapted to their reality.


Some of our achievements include:

  • Writing and publishing a guide on community and territorial planning by and for First Nations
  • Developing a sustainable development analytical grid and the associated user’s guide for community-based planning and territorial management
  • Supporting the Essipit Innu First Nation in writing its Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Providing turnkey coaching for communities involved in strategic and territorial planning, to support them in realizing their vision of a sustainable territorial development