Consultant Service

While continuing to provide its usual free services to First Nations, the FNQLSDI has developed a consultant service for First Nations. This service allows us to meet certain specific needs not covered by the funding programs to which the FNQLSDI usually applies. It allows us to better reflect First Nations requirements and realities, through independent projects not subject to government funding. It keeping with the FNQLSDI’s goal to offer First Nations the best possible support, the consultant service warrants a more flexible and diversified range of support options.

The value of the support offered by the FNQLSDI is based on its experience and thorough knowledge of First Nation interests and specificities, as well as on the relationships based on trust and mutual respect it has created over the years. Close to First Nations since its creation, the FNQLSDI has a clear vision of the technical and political issues First Nations are faced with, both at the local, regional and national scale. It can count on a wide network of contacts, ranging from First Nation experts to civil society and government representatives.

To fulfill its mission, the FNQLSDI can count on a dynamic, multidisciplinary team whose services are offered, within the consultant service, at competitive prices. All profits generated are reinvested in the services offered to First Nations.

The FNQLSDI has developed a strong expertise, in particular in the areas of biodiversity, climate change, energy, forestry, mining, public consultations and strategic planning. Using its broad contact network, it offers expert technical and strategic support to First Nations, in the form of project management, training sessions, tool development, event organization, and other activities that meet the requirements of partner First Nations.