Small Off-Grid Solar Power

Renewable energy, more precisely small solar photovoltaic (PV) in combination with batteries, has become an interesting alternative to gasoline generators when it comes to providing electricity to your camp, cabin or RV. Both in terms of long-term cost, protection of the land and improvement of our health, solar PV has clear advantages. However, there are limitations that you have to take into account before relying on this technology. In this webinar, we try to give you an overview over what matters for beginners, including energy basics, off-grid energy efficiency and a market overview over solar panels and battery technologies.

Webinar: Solar Energy on the Land – Where to start?

Here is the recording of the webinar we held on October 27th, 2021. You will find the slides and tools below the video.

Slides: Small Off Grid Solar Energy


Training Possibilities

If your community is interested in offering a training on small solar installations, please contact us! Click here to learn more!