Considering that the bases for the concept of sustainable development are largely inspired from their ancestral way of life, and in order to anchor their traditional values in today’s context, First Nations in Quebec and Labrador felt it was necessary to create their own Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS). The SDS was first adopted by the assembled Chiefs during a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (link). The main goal of this first version of the SDS was the creation of a First Nations organization that would work towards the promotion and implementation of sustainable development measures. This goal was reached when the FNQLDSI was created, in 2000.

An updated version of the SDS was published in 2006. This new version includes a discussion on the concept of sustainable development and examines core issues for First Nations, relating to rights, cultures and languages, as well as to territories, socioeconomic conditions, politics and governance. It puts forth a series of solutions and recommendations, and includes an action plan to implement sustainable development by First Nations for First Nations.

The SDS will be updated in upcoming years, to better reflect the new issues faced by First Nations.

To view the 2006 Sustainable Development Strategy, click here.