Meeting of the Working Group on the Integration of Indigenous Knowledge – December 2, 2019

On December 2, 2019, the first face-to-face meeting of the Working Group on Indigenous Knowledge Integration as part of the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) initiatives was held.

The main objectives were to frame the mandate of the Working Group and to initiate reflections on the integration of indigenous knowledge into OPP initiatives and provide advice to Transport Canada on the integration of indigenous knowledge.

The meeting began with an in-camera session between First Nations on the interest and issues involved in setting up a Working Group on Indigenous Knowledge. Subsequently, discussion periods were held between First Nations and Transport Canada on the issues, findings and recommendations for the integration of Aboriginal knowledge into federal initiatives. Recommendations were then made by participants based on the assessment of the cumulative effects of marine activities, one the OPP initiative.

This meeting allowed participants to determine how and why to work together on the integration of indigenous knowledge, as well as to provide advice and recommendations to Transport Canada. 

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