Mining has potentially huge impacts of First Nation communities, both on their territories, societies and in terms of potential economic benefits. The FNQLSDI provides First Nations with tools that support informed decision-making regarding mining activities on their territories. Through workshops, consultations, analyses and strategic watch services, the FNQLSDI supplies experts and First Nation representatives with up-to-date and context-specific information that is tailored to their needs.


Some of our achievements include:

  • 12-instalment Webinar Series on Geology and the Mining Sector
  • Organizing a series of information and discussion workshops on the new Mining Act (Bill 43) and on the Plan Nord
  • Holding regional workshops on the rehabilitation of orphaned/abandoned mines
  • Writing a paper on the position of First Nations regarding uranium development in Quebec, within the framework of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE)
  • Providing strategic watch and analysis services while sharing up to date information with First Nations on mining-related issues
  • Sharing recommendations with political authorities to improve the inclusion of First Nation rights and interests in the processes related to the mining sector
  • Organizing a workshop on mining legislation in Quebec