Training on environmental site characterization

Last October 29th and 30th, the FNQLSDI organized a workshop on environmental site characterization studies. This workshop answered the training demand made by several members of First Nation communities during a previous workshop on the renewal of the Federal Contaminated Site Action Plan (FCSAP), held in July 2018.

Prior to the worshop, the FNQLSDI made available to all interested FN communities a series of training videos created by the National Research Council Canada. These videos explain every step of an environmental site assessment study.

FN community members were first encouraged to watch the videos and were then invited to Kanawà:ke for a complementary two-days workshop training. This training provided an overview of the theory explained in the videos and included on-site field practices, such as a mock visit of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) as well as an environmental sampling of soil and groundwater (as in Phase II ESA).

The objectives of the workshop were the following:

  • To provide tools for the environmental community managers to better define their needs with regards to the contaminated sites and the hiring of a consultant during the different stages of the environmental site assessment study ;
  • To train community members to carry out specific field studies and environmental monitoring themselves.

All of the presentations are available below. If you are interested in watching the training videos, please contact us via :


October 29, 2019 Presentation

October 30, 2019 Presentation