EcoNation Program

The Ecopatrol program is being recycled!

Welcome to the modernized program EcoNation: Indigenous Network for Waste Management Awareness and Mobilization!

The program offers training, coaching and resources for First Nations members who wish to take steps to raise awareness and mobilize their community in the context of waste management, while paying respect to the land.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Revitalize the culture.

What is the purpose of the EcoNation program?

To support your community’s efforts to achieve success in their WM initiatives!

  • Support communities in the success of their WM project
    • To help increase the capacity and skills of waste management awareness officers
    • Support indigenous youth in their leadership development
    • Promote the emergence of a network of young First Nations actors

For who this program is for?

If your community has waste management infrastructure and projects and you want to increase participation, commitment and understanding of the environmental impact of waste by your community, this program is for you!

The awareness officers will act as important players in informing, sensitizing and educating the community about your waste management initiatives, whether they are ongoing or already in place. It will certainly become a positive factor in the success of your projects!

What support is offered?

We offer training, on the Land, with knowledge keepers to anchor WM concepts in safe cultural practices. We also offer weekly meetings with each of the awareness officers to mentor future recruits and support them in their role on your team. We also offer outreach materials and engagement workshops developed by our team!

What are the funding options?

There are two options available!

  • Coaching and training option only (no funding)
    • Training for awareness workers in the Territory
    • Our fabulous awareness materials
    • Our availability for weekly meetings
    • Networking activities between the different participating teams
  • Option with coaching and funding
    • The four points above
    • Salary for two awareness officers, ranging from $15 to $20/hour, with a bank of 420 hours per awareness agent.
      (Between $6,300 and $8,400 per worker)
    • Eligible program expense fee of up to $500